Little Stars Kids runs Camp programs in Queensland for children aged 4-10 living in long term foster care who have experienced abused or neglect. Our camp programs are designed to provide children with a safe place to build positive relationships with other adults and children and gain a sense of belonging, through fun, laughter, new experiences, adventure and play.


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The Little Stars Kids Camp Program involves the children in four Camps per year on an ongoing basis. The Camps are at various locations and allow the children to experience things they have never done before – canoeing, low ropes, team challenges, farm experiences as well as just being in nature. Each child has a one on one adult buddy who is matched with them at the beginning of their Camp journey. All of our volunteers hold a valid Blue Card and are screened to a very high standard. Our volunteers include paediatricians, doctors, psychologists, teachers as well as people who just have a passion for helping children who have experienced abuse and neglect. The child and buddy attend each of the Camps together and through this process and shared experiences, build a friendship and the children gain a sense of trust in another adult who is there especially for them on Camp. Often our children have never had the one on one attention that they have at Camp and it is incredibly special to see how this impacts the children.

The camps are not a pre-school environment but a place where the children can have fun and feel special, always with the support of an experienced, compassionate and of course Fun camp buddy. Each child is assigned a one on one camp buddy whose job is to support the child in any way that is needed throughout the camp program.

Through our camps, we have seen children grow in self-esteem, build confidence and build long and lasting friendships.

Here's what some of our carers had to say:

“Little Stars Kids Camps offer children an amazing adventure each time they go!  The activities are pure fun and clearly chosen with care to suit the developmental needs of the children.  The camp gives our little man the opportunity to experience new and novel activities in a safe and supportive environment with a team specially chosen for him.  It’s heart-warming to get the photos at the end of the day and see a very happy, engaged little boy smiling out at us.  He talks non-stop about what he did and always wants to know when he can go back to see his friends at camp.  Keep it up Team Little Stars Camp – you are making a difference in the lives of vulnerable young children." Lisa, Foster Carer to Jake (5)

“I have seen a huge difference in Sam since he started with Little Stars Kids Camps.  He looks forward to the camps every term and counts down the days in the lead up to the camp. His camp buddy, Jeff, has become really special to Sam and he has really started to build a lovely bond with him. I can tell that having the one on one with a camp buddy makes him feel really special and he just loves the varied activities that he does at camp.  He is showing more confidence and is a happier little boy since starting the camps." 
 Angela, Foster Carer to Sam (6)
“My little man still frequently talks about the fun he had at Little Stars Kids Camps.  He treasures his special shirt, bag and hat and has all the photos of his wonderful experiences laminated and hanging up in his bedroom.  He loves to show them off when visitors come. He also enjoys being able to spend quality time with his siblings that live in another placement.  Special lifelong memories have been made…”  Katie, Foster Carer to Oliver (4)



Being a Little Stars Kids volunteer is so rewarding. Helping kids gain happiness and help develop their future is a selfless experience.