Join our team of wonderful volunteers and the incredible work they do for us and our kids.

Apply now by sending the Volunteer Registration Form and Blue Card forms below to if you have a love of children and passion for helping to create special fun experiences and memories for the children. The more help we can get, the more value we can add to these amazing kids lives.

Volunteer Opportunities

Little Stars Kids Camps Program

Camp Buddy to one of our foster children aged 4-10. This involves a commitment of at 4 Sundays per year (1 each term) to attend camp from 7.45am to 4pm. This is one of our most rewarding roles.

Camp Helper - if you cannot commit to 4 Sundays per year, but would still like to help out on camp.

Camp Nurse - commitment of 4 day camps per year from 7.45 am – 4 pm.

Administration Assistance

Fundraising help - organising your own fundraising or attending at events on behalf of Little Stars Kids to collect donations, selling raffle tickets etc.

Little Stars Kids Cases Program

Volunteers to assist with packing cases. 


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Blue Card Forms

All Volunteer Application Forms and Blue Card Forms are to be emailed to



Camp Volunteer
These camps provide children with the opportunities to grow socially with adults and peers in a safe and fun environment. I feel honoured to see and experience these connections the children are making towards a brighter future.


Camp Volunteer
Watching my camper and the other kids develop more and more confidence, camp after camp is just amazing. They are extraordinary little humans with huge hearts. Volunteering with Little Stars is truly rewarding, you get back ten-fold what you invest.


Foster Carer
Little Stars Kids Camps offer children an amazing adventure each time they go! The activities are pure fun and clearly chosen with care to suit the developmental needs of the children.


Make a tax deductible gift today and help bring a smile to a little face. All and any help is welcomed!

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